Gaggle of Tees was created by four cool kids in Brooklyn. We think ferrets are funny looking and believe small groups can make big change. About our gaggle:

Sahar and Ashley are Gaggle's lead designers. Co-founders of dh studio, Sahar and Ashley use design to positively impact the world. Through dh studio they design awesome products (like these shirts and totes!) that create awareness and raise money for good causes. dh studio also partners
with non-profits and other socially minded companies, using design as a tool to help organizations improve service, communications and products.

Chris, reporter by day and hooligan by night, writes words, takes photos, shares ideas, and wrestles code for Gaggle of Tees.

Lalu is a super-talented designer and photographer who helps take Gaggle's ideas to the next level. And to top it off, she's an expert in textiles!